Tuesday, January 28, 2014

World's Biggest Spitwad? (Or What NOT to Put in the Washing Machine)

This morning, after a very discumbobulated school time, I opened the washing machine only to find little bits of something wet and slightly sticky all over Hannah's bedding.  It was also sprinkling onto the floor as I unloaded the blankets.  Now, we've washed pull-ups and disposable diapers in the machine before.  It's not pretty.  But this was different and Hannah doesn't use pull-ups, so I was unsure what this particular mess was from.

That's when I noticed it.

The largest wad of wet paper I have ever seen.

There were a few smaller wads as well.  And then I uncovered what used to be the cover of...

Hannah's Bible.

After a triple rinse and spin in the washing machine there were still a ton of bits of wet paper everywhere.  That's when I realized that I had not cleaned out the original mass properly.  A section of  about 50 pages that had remained and gotten more water logged than the first load.

So, what am I to do?  I cleaned out what I found in the washing machine and just moved the bedding to the dryer.  Maybe the stuff will shake off if it dries???  Now I'm worried.  I think it's more likely to stick and never wash out.

Please excuse me while I switch the laundry back to the washer.

Perhaps another rinse and spin will do the trick?!

[Making my way to the washer and dryer I am sidetracked by the baby being hit over the head by the toddler, a basket of hats that has been dumped on the floor, a preschooler who insists that she has absolutely nothing to do and is bored to death, and aforementioned toddler with chapstick all over his hands.]

Okay.  So the dryer is actually working.  Praise the Lord!

In case this ever happens to you...

1. Eliminate all wads of paper (big and small) from the washing machine.
2. Rinse and spin.
3. Then dry to remove whatever other paper bits have found their way into your laundry.
4. Be prepared to sweep or vacuum the floor since tiny wet bits of paper will fall everywhere.

You're welcome.

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