Thursday, January 23, 2014


Rachel (and Claude) finally conked out for the night.  Well...part of the night, anyway.  She is curled up on my chest keeping me warm and feeling all snugly.  It's one of the perks of being a mom.  I get to cuddle cute and wiggly kids sometimes.

Today was normal by all accounts.  I led the kids through some strength training exercises for P.E.  Don't worry, they weren't lifting weights or anything.  They were pretty funny trying to figure out how to do push ups.  And my personal favorite moment was seeing Jeremiah dive onto his belly to join in with the "Superman" exercises.

There were several arguments over who should have turns with the bikes.  Joshua is a bit bent out of shape because he hasn't figured out how to ride without training wheels.  He expects that he should be allowed to monopolize Abby's tricycle.  She's good with that because she loves to sit on Hannah's bike, unable to go anywhere due to a couple of too-short legs.  Hannah is the one who gets the short end of the stick in the situation, hence the screams I (and the neighbors) heard throughout the afternoon.

They must have heeded my advice to work it out because eventually all was quiet in the backyard.

I thought for half a minute today that we had lost Jeremiah.  The turkey was smoking up the house, the windows and doors were open, and the toddler was mysteriously released from his high chair.  I didn't see him, ran out the front door in a panic, and was called back almost immediately by the older kids.

He was in the living room.

Praise God my momentary panic was all for nought.

Once the turkey was done roasting Jeremiah became very animated.  Apparently a roasted turkey is a wondrous sight to behold.  Jeremiah looked at it, pointed, and then let out a low growling noise that is usually reserved for dogs.  Maybe he thought it was a dog in the pan?   It's quite possible.

The day came to an end only after some crazy antics from the half-naked toddler.  He also managed to get Abby involved and I had a good laugh over their dancing.  Abigail, with her hands above her head, spinning in clumsy circles was entertaining enough.  But Jer just couldn't contain his enthusiasm and so he started in with some fancy footwork and a few trips down the hallway as he pushed his forehead in the carpet, laughing all the way.

Those two are the life of the party, that's for sure!

We would be a seriously serious crew without them.

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