Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bible Basics: Abraham, Part 1


Welcome to Bible Basics!  This week we will be starting to learn about Abraham and the promises that God made to him, but first a little introduction for anyone who is here for the first time.

In this weekly series, we are taking every Tuesday to share with you a simple and engaging Bible lesson designed for toddlers.  Abigail (almost 3 years old) and I working through these each day in our preschool time together.  My goal with each is to take a key story from the Old Testament (we'll probably get to the New Testament next year) and help Abby become familiar with the people, places, and concepts of that story.  This way when she's in Sunday School, at home during Family Bible Time, or just growing up and hearing more and more of God's Word, she'll have a basic understand of the Bible - hence our title BIBLE BASICS!  :)

If this is your first time visiting our Bible Basics series, please find a growing list of previous lessons here.  You can check out last week's lesson about Noah here and an alternative craft here.

And now to jump into this week's lesson!

Genesis 12-17

Memory Verse

Choose one of the following that is appropriate for your child's age and attention span:
"Abraham believed God" -Genesis 15:6
"God said to Abraham, 'Go from your country to a land that I will show you...and I will make of you a great nation." -Genesis 12:1-2 
Lesson Focus
Abraham believed God.

Star Sticker Craft

- Paper (construction, plain, anything will do)

- Scissors
- Glue- Sand paper
- Aluminum foil
- Star stickers

1. Cut the sand paper into the shape of hills.  Use as many pieces as you would like.  Glue to the bottom half of the paper.

2. Cut the aluminum foil into the shape of a moon.  Glue this on the top half of the paper.
3. Put star stickers on top half of paper.  Use as many as will fit (remember that God promised Abraham children to outnumber the stars!).
4. As you work, talk with your child about the story of Abraham and God's promise to him.


How We Go Through the Lesson
1. Recite or sing memory verse.
2. Read Bible story.  We use the Beginner's Bible, but you can choose a children's story Bible or "grown-up" translation that suits you and your family.
3. Recite or sing memory verse.
4. Craft or project.  Depending on the day of the week this may be a project like the one above or it could be a coloring page or something completely different.
*Repeat the lesson almost every day.  This could mean doing it on weekdays or taking one day to work on the project, saying the memory verse together throughout the day, and reading the Bible story before bed each night.  It doesn't matter when or how, but the repetition is key for toddlers to retain the lessons presented to them.
Some more ideas for teaching about Abraham:
Here are a few free printable coloring pages
Star stamping project
This is a great website for lots of different games and crafts!

What fun Bible lessons have you done with your toddler or preschooler this week?

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  1. I love this! Thanks for linking up at Babies and Beyond.

    1. Thank you! I find that the kids always like putting the stickers on this one. :) And thank you for hosting the link up!

  2. I may need to adapt this a bit, but I just might use it for Sunday School tomorrow! Gr8 Idea!

    1. I'm so glad this lesson has been helpful to you! That's exactly why it's here. :)