Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Funnies: Bugs and Beans

Hannah came running out of the bathroom today.  She was quite distressed and it didn't take long to find out why.

"MOMMY!!!  There's a bug in the shower!" she screamed.  She was thoroughly grossed out and showed it by her extremely dramatic reaction.

"I'm sure it's fine, Hannah.  Just get in the shower."  After fighting to get her there in the first place I wasn't about to lose the shower battle over a bug.

I did, however, decide to evaluate the situation.  As I opened the shower curtain and surveyed the bottom of the tub I saw what had caught her eye and caused such a fuss.

"Hannah, that's a piece of green bean from Jeremiah's bath last night."

"Oh" was all she said before stepping into the shower, as cheerful as ever.

Hannah, shrieking and flipping out seconds before was now calm, cool, and collected.  Seeing things for what they really are makes a world of difference, doesn't it?

The incident did make me wonder...what's more gross (or should that be "grosser"???) to find in the shower, a bug or green bean?


  1. Hahaha! Both are gross but completely understandable ;) I had an incident similar except it was me..and my oldest daughter (6) tried to reassure me it was just a small imperfection or "hole" on the ceiling. So, as we were all snuggled in bed, I had to disturb everyone to make sure it was not a spider that was going to fall on our faces while we slept. Just had to confirm. All ended well in this situation too. :)

    1. That's funny! I remember that as a child...but what I saw actually was a spider (in the lamp above my bed) and for several days my parents didn't believe me. I think that's why I felt compelled to check out the "bug" in Hannah's shower. :)