Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Funnies: Baby Showers

The ladies at our church gave me a baby shower last night.  It was a real blessing, especially since I would never expect to have one for a fifth little one.  But like one of the women mentioned, sometimes you need them more with those later kiddos...somehow the hand-me-downs just don't last forever!

So, this evening our conversation revolved around the baby shower.  The kids don't know what a shower is, unless we're talking about getting clean.  Their funny ideas about it reminded me of what I thought of a baby shower when I was a child.

I remember being disappointed when I attended my first one.  First off, I expected the baby to actually be there.  He wasn't.  Then I thought for sure everything would be white and lacy.  It wasn't.  Finally, I had this idea that everyone would take turns having a shower with the baby.  We didn't.  On that point I was a little relieved.  I didn't quite understand why you would want a bunch of different people showering with your infant.

Anyway...back to the present...

While Hannah asked me some questions about the baby shower, Abby piped up with this gem.

"Um, excuse me, Mommy!  Did you take your clothes off for the baby shower?"

My thoughts were something like this...I CERTAINLY HOPE NOT!!!

So, what got you laughing this week?

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