Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Funnies: Birth Stories

Birth stories.  They are amazing.  They are unique.  And they can all too often turn into a horror-story fest if we're not careful about how we share our experiences.

"I was in labor for 24 hours!"
"That's nothing.  I was in labor for two weeks!"

"I pushed for 2 hours!"
"Well, I pushed for 4 hours and my son's head was still stuck even after the vacuum extractor.  In the end they had to take him C-Section and I had to heal from BOTH!"

Well, I always thought this was something that we just kind of learned from other women.  But apparently not.  At least I'm pretty sure Hannah (4 years old) and Abby (2 years old) haven't been in any birth-story-telling circles recently.  And yet they've got the oneupmanship (that is a word, isn't it???) mastered as demonstrated from the beginning of what went on to become an epic birth story.

Hannah: Quick, the baby's about to come out!
Abby: Just a minute.  Let me go get her! [Abby runs to the bedroom and comes back with a pink teddy bear.]  Okay.  She's ready.
H: But now I'm motion sick.
A: Me too.
H: Well, I'm motion sick AND I'm about to have a baby.

What made you laugh this week?


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