Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

During dinner last night, we talked about the past year (something that is a bit challenging for some of the Crew who have no concept of time) and looked ahead at the year to come.  These kinds of conversations aren't really deep since we're working with younger kiddos, but it's fun to see what they remember from the year and what they are looking forward to.

The Best Thing of 2013
Claude: Rachel's Birth
Abigail: Christmas
Hannah: Rachel's Birth and Christmas  (I see a theme developing here!)
Joshua: Birthday and Holidays
Becca: Rachel's Birth

Biggest Accomplishment or Milestone of 2013
Claude: Delivering a Baby
Abigail: Starting Preschool and Moving Up to Jr. Church
Hannah: Learning to Read and Being Baptized
Joshua: Moving Up to Big Kids' Jr. Church Class
Becca: Finishing Our First Full Year of Homeschooling

The Worst Thing of 2013
Abigail: Falling into the Creek.  "I got seaweed in my nose!"
Hannah: Getting Head Underwater During Baptism
Joshua: Being Woken Up by Tantrums
Becca: Jeremiah Going to the Hospital

One Thing You Would Like to Do in 2014
Claude: All Have Christ-Like Attitudes
Abigail: Play with Jeremiah
Hannah: Celebrate Birthday
Joshua: Help Daddy Fix the House
Becca: Practice Better Eating and Exercise Habits

We also had a pretty typical Chew Crew style New Year's Eve - meaning it was a night just like any other.

Here's how we rang in 2014...

8:00pm - We put the kids to bed after their usual Science and Bible Time with Claude.  So thankful that Claude offered to take over their science lessons and Bible memory.  They are doing a fantastic job memorizing the periodic table and the first chapter of John.

9:00pm - Claude worked from home yesterday and with interruptions and a doctor's appointment, he still had some work to finish up.  While he did that, I put in my 30 minutes on the treadmill.  It's getting decidedly easier each week.  I started out 2 weeks postpartum at 1.0mph and am now able to jog for 20 minutes straight at a varied pace.  Getting back in shape slowly but surely.

10:00pm - I had a shower while Claude did some laundry (Thank you!!!) and changed one of the kid's wet bed sheets.  Real life doesn't end just because we're ringing in a new year!  :)

11:00pm - We finally settled down for a living room date - sparkling cider, chocolate, and an episode from the BBC Human Planet documentary.

12:00am - By midnight we were joined by two cuddly crew members.  I think by the time we headed to bed it was nearly 1:00am...this didn't bode well for the morning.  Perhaps we should aim for earlier bedtimes this year???  Hmmm...I think we've tried before and never seem to succeed.

Today we are enjoying some crepes (supposed to be for breakfast but with some parenting needs, a nursing baby, and the usual chaos of our household, it's turning out to be a late lunch).  And hopefully we'll be ready for a new day tomorrow - back to work and school.  Life doesn't seem to stop!  :)

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!


How did you celebrate the new year?


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