Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mommy Skills

Since becoming a mother, I have developed a number of useful skills.  Eating with my left hand while nursing a baby is probably one of the most frequently used, but there are others.

The list of doing [fill in the blank] while nursing grows a little bit with each baby.  So far I've managed the following (that I can remember), while nursing a baby:
          -grocery shopping
          -shopping for new glasses
          -taking an older child potty
          -helping an older child get dressed
          -reading lots and lots of books

Then there is the list of things that a person can do with a baby in a sling or carrier.  At one point I remember having an infant in the wrap on front and a toddler in a hiking backpack while I finished an exercise DVD.  That was a workout!

And how about the creative ways in which you can use a stroller?  If I remember correctly, Claude and I have used our stroller for the following uses (other than transporting kids):
          -moving boxes and other misc. items from one apartment building to another
          -carting laundry to and from the laundry room
          -transporting a printer/copier down the hill from our car to our apartment
          -getting many bags of groceries from the car to the apartment

Arts and crafts also make it onto the list of Mommy Skills.  Giant posters of Bible stories, homemade finger paints, lots of drawing and coloring, and candy butterflies atop cupcakes come to mind.  Today I've added Roman Soldier Paper Dolls to my list of crafty parenting skills.

This little guy took about 1 1/2 hours to create.  Why I didn't just go with the mediocre printables I found for free online I do not know.  I thought I could make one that looked better.  I think I succeeded, but I could have saved a lot of time especially when I consider that this guy will probably be falling apart after two minutes of play.  Oh, well...

At least there's a photo for posterity.  :)

So, what unique, useful, or surprising skills have you developed since becoming a parent?

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