Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Jeremiah!

Jeremiah Samuel Chew surprised us one year ago with an out of the ordinary (for me) labor about 2 weeks before his anticipated arrival.  A little denial on my part, some clear-headed evaluation on Claude's part, confirmation from the midwife at our already scheduled appointment (I think 5 cm counts as actually being in labor), a trip to Target on the way to the hospital, and we were ready to meet this little guy!

Jeremiah came into our family toward the end of a difficult time.  The reasons for the difficulty are complex and many, but the meaning of Jeremiah's name reminds us that the Lord heard the cry of our hearts and uplifted us in a challenging season.

          Jeremiah: Hebrew for "Yahweh has uplifted"
          Samuel: Hebrew for "God has heard" 

Jeremiah is definitely the most popular member of the crew with all three older siblings vying for his attention.  He loves watermelon, books, and Cheerios from the kitchen floor.  His current accomplishments include "talking" (if only we knew what he was saying), walking, standing on his head, and putting himself to sleep at odd times and in odd locations.

This little one has been a very joyful addition to the Chew Crew.  We can't imagine life without him!


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