Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Funnies: The Trinity According to a Toddler

I had the opportunity to put the Abster to bed on her own tonight - just the two of us.  Usually we have family Bible time and I say goodnight to each child in turn before they head off to bed.  Claude spends some time talking with them individually on their beds, but tonight Abby needed to go to bed before the older kids so I had the chance hang out and chat more than usual.

Spending time with Abigail is always a joy and is usually entertaining.  Tonight I got to hear her perspective on a very big issue: The Trinity.  Here's the conversation that we had.

Abby: There are two Gods.  The God "God" and the God "Jesus".
Me: There is actually a third as well: The Holy Spirit.
A: [Stares blankly]
M: There is God the Father, God the Son - Jesus - and God the Holy Spirit.  Three Gods in One.  Three parts of the One True God.  We call it the Trinity.
A:  The Holy Spirit is my favorite one.
M: Did you know that if you are friends with Jesus then the Holy Spirit lives inside of you?
A: But how do you know that?
M: Well, I know because when I asked Jesus to save me from my sins and to come into my heart, the Holy Spirit came to live inside of me.  He helps me to follow Jesus and obey God's commands.
A: But he'll squish the new baby!  There's no room!  How does he fit???
M: I'm not sure how it works, exactly.
A: Well, our bodies can hold a lot of things!

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