Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Funnies: The Things They Said

I ran across another photo of our dry erase board.  I know, who takes pictures of their dry erase board?  Apparently I do!  :)  And here are some snippets of what was written on the dry erase board, ca. Jan./Feb. 2011.

From Hannah
"Jesus speaks Spanish!"

"Shine and gracious to you, Abigail."

"I'm going to use the big potty.  Do not forbid me."

To Daddy: "I'm Married and your Joseph."

From Joshua
"Daddy, I don't think Abigail is going to smile at the appropriate time in the car."

"It's a big and fancy poop!"

"Spices are spicy!"

"Reading" his Bible to Hannah: "So, Moses ran away from Pharaoh and he went to a place called Gideon."

J: "Mommy, does Abigail crawl or walk?"
M: "Have you seen her crawl or walk?"
J: "Yeah.  She crawls like a worm."

 What funny things have your kids said recently?

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