Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chews all back together again!

Well we're all back together again and it has spurred us to really consider ways in which we can be doing life together as a family.  What I really miss is being able to have the day to day interaction with Joshua, Hannah, Abby and Jeremiah, because working full time I get dinnertime during the week and weekends but even then those seem a little out of the ordinary when you don't really throw in all the moment by moment plays of each day from changing poopy diapers to preparing meals and teaching and training these guys up in the little and the big scenarios of life.  I wish I was able to more actively point them to Jesus in all the little situations of life while it is still possible at this stage because as they grow up, they need to be firmly founded and trained up to follow Him without our help because who knows where He might take them?  Right next door, the next town over, interstate, across to the other side of the world, but either way they need to be ready to follow Him and I wish I was able to take a more time intensive role in 'imparting' and leaving a legacy of Jesus to them.

We'll see how The Lord leads but I pray that He would lead us all to a deeper knowledge of following Him as one, in our church families, our biological families or whatever family The Lord has us in now!

God Bless,

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