Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Funnies: Oldies but Goodies

I ran across the following quotes recently.  Somehow, in the midst of chasing down two toddlers and nursing an infant, I managed to jot down some of the funny things Joshua and Hannah were saying a couple of years ago.  It was at a very stressful, demanding, and often lonely time in our family life.  But when there are a few very curious, very creative littles around there is never a lack for entertainment or the reason for a good laugh.  :)

From Hannah, March 2011, 2 1/2  years old:

"I'm too afraid of this exercising now."
I must have been traumatizing the kids with Leslie Sansone again.  But that definitely beats the Richard Simmons videos I was exposed to as a child.  *Shudders*

"I'm getting holy wheat flour."

"Please don't work in here [the bathroom].  It's just my special office."

"That crayon reminds us to be repentant."
They must have been in on one too many Bible lessons...

"Where is my frankincense?"
Cause we all know how easy it is to misplace the frankincense.

"I got matzo-roni and cheese!"
I don't think that really works...matzo with dairy?

"Do you know goldfish can weep?  They're weeping!"
Poor little crackers!  They must know the end is near.

From Joshua, March 2011, 3 1/2 years old:

"I'm not pleased with Abigail's attitude.  She keeps crying at the middle of the night."
 Age appropriate expectations mean nothing to Joshua.  Perhaps he'll figure out the trick to getting a 5-month-old to stop crying.

"I just want to be friends with Jesus every day.  He goes everywhere that we go: Costco, Target, the library, and PathMark."
From looking at the places we frequented, we didn't have much of a social life back then.  But who needs a social life when we've got the King of Kings accompanying us everywhere we go?
A song.  "Jesus.  Jesu-us.  Majesty.  Majesty.  You compute me."
Ummm...kind of???

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