Thursday, April 18, 2013

Snapshots: Rainy Day Adventures

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We've had this week off from school and are trying to make the most of it.  So, when I found a Groupon for four admissions for $15 to the Children's Museum of Houston, I jumped on it.  It turned out today was a good day to be there, too, because it started to rain and turned cold (well...cold for Texas).  It was nice to get out of the house and let the kids run off some energy.

The favorite part, by far, was Kidtropolis.  This exhibit is set up to be like a mini-city for kids, complete with paychecks, jobs, grocery stores, and even its own currency.  The kids loved going grocery shopping and being able to check out using computer registers that not only worked but even scanned items with bar codes.  Another highlight was the ambulance with medical supplies and a patient, too.

Overall I was very impressed.  We have only been to two other children's museums, but this was by far the best one we have seen.  The kids could have easily played for hours in just one of the two exhibits we saw, and there were more that we didn't get to today.

Needless to say, we will definitely be going back.  Maybe in the heat of the summer we'll venture downtown again to discover more of what the Children's Museum of Houston has to offer.  I'm especially looking forward to checking out their outdoor FlowWorks exhibit at a time when the kids can get good and wet.

Below are some photos from our visit, as you can see, even Jeremiah found a place to play.  There is a toddler area but Joshua and Hannah weren't allowed in because they are too old, so Abigail and Jeremiah had to tag along with the bigger kid activities - I don't think they minded one bit.

Abby trying to pull herself up using a pulley.

 Look out, Daddy, these kids are ready to start working in the lab!

 Joshua, EMT.

 Hannah in the back of the ambulance.
It looks like this guy may need a little more help than a blood pressure reading!

Between naps, Jeremiah was enjoying his time at the museum.



  1. Love it there, but it is expensive. You got a good deal! There's one in San Antonio that I think is almost as good, and it's super cheap- and free on Tuesdays (I think it is)! A trip to SA is always fun!

    1. I actually thought the normal admission was comparable to other museums we have been to, but to get the tickets for less than half-price made the decision to go that much easier! :) The kids loved it! I think we could spend all day in Kidtropolis alone since they are all so into pretend play right now. The other museums we have been to have pretend play areas but this was amazing! They had a lot of depth to each element of their pretend town - name badges for different jobs, places to learn about the stock exchange, voting and politics, budgeting your bank account, and more. I was really impressed and thought that it made for a better experience for kids of a wide age-range. Pretending to buy groceries isn't always the thing a 10-year-old wants to do, but with the other aspects I saw as many older kids enjoying themselves as I did younger ones.