Saturday, April 20, 2013

In Whom Do You Put Your Trust?

Today had the makings of a day from you know where.  Three diaper blow-outs (two of them from the toddler...ewww...), Jeremiah's entire lunch reappearing on the kitchen floor, at least one massive meltdown and/or tantrum from each child, the baby literally passing out not once but twice from holding his breath while crying, nearly constant bickering all morning, and yes, that was Abby with a permanent marker on the couch thank-you-very-much.  And there's's Saturday and Claude was out.

Our church hosts a Men's Expedition (not to be mistaken for a Men's Retreat, mind you), each year.  Claude isn't always into those manly American gatherings.  When I first asked if he would like to go he said, "No".  So, I asked him a couple more times and each time he gave the same answer.  Then a couple of Sundays ago, during the announcement for the expedition, he leaned over and said, "I may want to go".

Now, I was glad that he wanted to go.  He works very hard, wakes up very early, goes to bed very late, and never takes time off to rest and be refreshed.  I praise the Lord for Claude's excellent work-ethic and his determination to do what needs to be done whether or not he feels like doing it.  But, I can recognize when he's run down and needs a break.  Getting him to take a break is a bit like...where are those really great metaphors when I need one?  Well...let's just say that he never takes a break even when I'm insisting that he does.

In the end, Claude opted to drive up for the day on Saturday so that he wouldn't have to sleep in a retreat center bed.  :)  I was glad that this worked out for him, but to be honest I wondered how the week would go.  I am used to having the kids all day during the weekdays, but to add a sixth day on my own started to sound like a nightmare. 

As the scenarios of other bad days went through my mind, I realized that I wasn't trusting God.  I had put some of my trust in myself and my own abilities.  I had also put some of my trust in Claude to help me get through the weekend.  If he wasn't home how would I manage?  Something had to change in my thinking.  If the Lord moved Claude's heart to take a day off to be refreshed, then He would certainly give me and the kids the grace we would need to get through one day.  So, I gave the day to Him and didn't even make plans...that is unusual for me.

And did the Lord ever provide grace abundant today!  A friend from church called and asked if she could come over, bring lunch for the kids, and give me some time to rest or take care of things that needed to be done.  Now, I am really bad at accepting help.  After a long time of many people around me assuming that I had everything under control and could handle just about anything, I started to think that I shouldn't need help.  But, as the Lord would have it, He had already given me the grace to gratefully and humbly accept the offer and I'm glad that I did!

The day would have been a train wreck had I tried to plow through in my own strength and wisdom.  I could have done it, but my patience would have unraveled all too quickly and I probably would have spent the day yelling at the kids, causing the meltdowns and tantrums to be worse than they were, and then feeling terrible for treating them unkindly simply because I felt tired and overwhelmed.

Praise the Lord for His provision of grace and help to us today!  What could have been one of the worst days on record in our household was actually quite pleasant and even productive.  Because of my friend's servant-heart and her willingness to give up her Saturday afternoon, not only was the load of the day shared but I was also able to go grocery shopping with only one child tagging along.

I am so thankful that the Lord enabled me to put my trust in Him today!

In whom do you put your trust?


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