Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Funnies: Friends and Fall Outs

Yesterday, the kids started talking about their friends from our weekly playgroup back in New York.  There was some fluctuation in attendance, but for the majority of our couple of years in playgroup we saw the same core group of moms and kids each week.  Then, less than a year ago, there was an exodus from the group.  Within a few months two families moved to the Midwest and then we moved to Texas

So, as Joshua was saying, "All of those friends are in New York," I reminded him that, in fact, most of the kids he named have moved away.  The conversation progressed from this point and went something like this:

Joshua: I know they don't live in New York anymore, but they are still in my heart.  [pause] But Jesus is in my heart, too.  He has the biggest place in my heart because He's God.  And there's also Jerusalem and Heaven in my heart - that's where God's throne is!

Abby: Well, Jesus "felled" out of my heart.

Me: How did that happen?

Abby: He just "felled" out.  He did.

Joshua:  If He fell out of your heart then you aren't friends with Him anymore.

Hannah, nodding with approval and nearly taking out her southern drawl to proclaim, "Amen, brother!":  Mmmm-hmmmm!

So, to all of you playgroup families, you are loved and missed!  And for Abby....I think I'll pass on addressing her fall out with Jesus.  I think at 2 1/2 years old she has some ground to cover along those lines.  ;)

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