Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Maps and Things

As I mentioned in this post, I already ordered our school materials for next school year.  I know, I know...eager beaver over here didn't want to wait.  But actually, I have good reason to stay ahead of the game - if I don't I will most definitely fall behind.  And as you all know, time flies when you're having fun.  Before I know it spring will be gone and we'll be wrapping up our first official year of homeschooling.  And since we're schooling year round with plenty of little breaks scattered here and there, we pretty much run from one school year to the next with a few weeks off  in between.  Anyway...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Besides, isn't it fun to be getting tons of packages every day?  We've been receiving a book here and a manipulative there for a few days now but this evening was the mother load.  Math, history, writing, and grammar materials arrived all in one fell swoop.

And I had a lot of fun unpacking.  That's why I'm posting.  And I want to highlight one resource in particular because I felt giddy looking through it.  (Apparently I am more of a geek than I ever suspected.)  I seriously could look at this thing all night!

This, friends, is a geography teacher/enthusiast's dream book.  I was hesitant to order it (it is by far the most expensive purchase of our school materials).  But upon my first opening I can see that this is $60 well-spent.  Not only can we use these maps until our kids are done in our homeschool, but we even have a CD-Rom to make reproduction that much easier.

As I perused maps from Ancient Egypt to the terrorist attacks on 9/11 I thought to myself, "I really should have been a geography and/or history teacher."  Then it hit me - I am a geography and history teacher.  And some days I can even stay in my comfy-they-don't-look-good-enough-for-anyone-to-see-me-in pants while I color cool maps with the little guys.  That's pretty cool!  :)

Note to Self: Please remember this mountain top when you are in the midst of nursing a baby, potty training a toddler, chasing down said toddler before she colors all over the bathroom walls, and trying to remember where in the world Sumer was.

What was/is your favorite subject in school?


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  1. Chemistry and Biology were mine and I didn't like Mathematics then but I do like it now :)

    I wish I'd paid more attention in Physics, that would have really helped in my current job!