Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Funnies: Really Tall Tales

Our kids like to tell stories.  Last week I mentioned their Roman sons, and this week the kids and their many sons were up to more exciting adventures.  Here's an excerpt of a lunchtime conversation where they caught me up to speed on all they had been doing in their play time.

Joshua: Hannah and I drove a trillion and ten passenger bus to church today.  It was a trillion and ten stories tall.  That's very tall.

Me: Wow...that certainly is tall.

Joshua: Yeah, well, we have a trillion and ten kids.

Me, trying not to have the typical response when a person finds out how many children you have: I bet that's a lot of fun.

Joshua: Well, it is.  But Hannah and I are having our trillion and eleventh child.  We want to get to a trillion and twenty.  [thoughtful pause] And then maybe a trillion and trillion.  How about that, Hannah?  A trillion and trillion kids?!

Hannah: Okay.

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