Friday, March 8, 2013

Follow up to Vibram Fivefingers Review

Just a follow up to yesterday's Fivefingers review, took them out for a 3 mile run outdoors in a combination of pavement and light gravel trail and it was one of the best runs ever!  The ground feel was exhilarating and the power of the toe off and ability to maintain a high cadence were simply awesome, I can agree with all those who have tried them and enjoyed them and continue to use them that they make running a joy!  Was expecting some pain in my calves and shins but praise the Lord Jesus, nothing of the sort, just a little more stiffness in my quads since I'm maintaining more of a forefoot/midfoot strike rather than allow the heel strike to come in that you can do with cushioned shoes.

So thumbs up, or rather, big toes up for the Fivefingers thus far! :)

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