Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Funnies: When in Rome...

Some kids have imaginary friends.  Joshua (5 1/2 years old) has an imaginary son who ranges in age from 17-31 years old.  This son of his does all kinds of expected and unexpected things.  I think his son's name is Jedidiah but since Joshua usually just says, "My son..." I'm not really sure.  Hannah and Abigail also have imaginary sons.  At any given moment, their sons are usually the same age and in the same circumstances as Joshua's son.

It is also important to note the Joshua is fascinated with Ancient Rome at the moment.  And since he can't reconcile the passing of time, he thinks that modern day Rome must be just like it was a couple thousand years ago.  I think that he fully expects to travel to Rome and see a real, live Roman soldier girded up in the appropriate attire.  (See picture above for Joshua's version of the Roman armor).  Anyway...the combination of adventurous, imaginary sons and a desire to incorporate Rome into any and every conversation possible led to the discussion outlined below.

Hannah, reading signs in a parking lot:  That sign says"exit".
Joshua:  Yeah, well my son says "exid".
Hannah:  But my son says "exit" because that's what it  says.
Joshua:  Well, my son says "exid" because he's from modern day Rome.  He's a Roman.
Abigail:  But my son says "exat"!
Joshua and Hannah together:  No!  He can't say "exat"!

The lesson here is obvious.  When in like your Roman sons!


  1. Hilarious!

    I just had to show you this post from a friend: 'Two-year-old wisdom of the day: "We don't eat our boogers... unless they're cheese boogers."'