Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rachel Xin Yang Chew

Labor started 6-6:30pm on Thursday Oct 24 2013, Rachel Xin Yang Chew was born 8:50pm!

We praise the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel who sent His Son Jesus Christ to seek and save the lost and reconcile man to God!  Thank You Jesus for giving us another child, whom we dedicate and give back to You Lord!  These children are Yours and we are stewards according to Your purpose and Will!  

In Jesus' Name,

We're glad You're here Rachel!  We love you! 


  1. Praise the Lord!!!
    We've been thinking about you guys, and with a newborn of our own, we are sorry to say we haven't been in touch. Hope you are well, and if you need anything, let us know. She's gorgeous.
    The Dietsch's

  2. Yay!!! congratualtions! I lost you for some reason, I haven't been getting your posts sent to my email and I just decided to look up your blog and sure enough I've been missing things! Anyway, so happy for you :) was wondering if you had your baby yet!

  3. p.s. that was a fast labor! sounds like when I gave birth to my son. Amazing :)

  4. Thanks, Bonnie! We are really enjoying getting to know Rachel and getting used to being a family of seven. Labor was interesting this time around. Claude and I are both working on posts to tell Rachel's birth story. It was all very unexpected!

  5. I am looking forward to hearing about it! I was going to ask because I love birth stories, but I didn't want to pry ;) Hope that the transition to a family of seven is going smoothly so far!...I'm sure sleep is scarce but you can do it! You must be a very strong girl raising all these babies! It really is the blessed life.

    1. I also love hearing/reading birth stories! The transition is going pretty smoothly. You're right on the sleep part! You must be speaking from experience. ;) And also about the blessing of these children. It is a privilege, indeed! :)