Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Let the Nesting Begin!

I got a lot done on Monday, but somehow I didn't get around to finishing up the Bible Basics post for this week.  Sorry...I probably could have spent the time it took me to write this little update to get the Bible lesson posted, but I didn't.  My mind is definitely elsewhere at the moment.

I'm not sure what got into me today, but after spending much of the day trying to stay awake (I think I did actually doze off during Hannah's spelling dictation), I had a burst of energy.  And can you guess what I did with that burst of energy?  I started nesting!

It's funny how these urges come on.  I decided in a moment (really it's been driving me nuts for weeks months) that the toy shelf needed to be organized once and for all.  But I didn't stop there.  Nope.  Once I got on a roll I felt like the school room shelves should also be cleaned out and reorganized.

The result is simply amazing.

We now have less stuff, more room to add more stuff, and all the stuff in it's proper place.

Why the school room shelves needed to be organized for baby's impending arrival I do not know for certain, but I'm glad for the transformation.

Next step in organization: The extra closet.  That one I'll consider pretty much done once I can clear out the baby gear that will soon occupy space in our main living area AND we actually bring the box of stuff for Goodwill to the donation center.  Donations are only so good if they never leave your house.

Also on my agenda for nesting is this (which I worked on last weekend...not today):

We now have meals frozen and/or in the pantry for a full two weeks.  I'm not sure when exactly we will use these, but at this rate they may be gone in about...two weeks.  ;)  If they are still around after the baby is born they may be used right away and they may wait until Claude returns to work and I'm back to dinner delegation.

Still on the agenda for food-type nesting: Finish stocking the pantry with necessary items to complete the freezer meals.

Other items on my nesting list led me to the fabric store earlier this evening.  Since Claude bought me a sewing machine last year I've actually been able to make a few things.  I'm not a great seamstress, so I like to stick with simple, one-sitting projects.  On my list of things to make this week: Extra play yard sheets, covers for the changing pad, and two nursing covers.

And my last order of nesting business this week: Pack the birth center bag.  I know...I theoretically could wait and pack this once labor starts.  I basically did that last time.  Well, I packed the bag and the next night I had some strange "Braxton Hicks contractions".  Apparently they were real, though, because those funny contractions ended with the birth of our second son, Jeremiah.

Things to include in the birth center bag per the midwives' request:
-Onesie or gown for Baby
-Extra/Going home outfit for Baby
-3 receiving blankets 
-Nursing gown for Mom
-Going home outfit for Mom
-Giant, comfy underwear for Mom
-Socks for Mom (because I get cold just after the birth)
-Cash for tolls
-Directions to the birth center since Claude has only been once (2 sets, for 2 different routes)
-Snacks, possibly (not sure about that yet...I don't usually eat anything after I leave the house)
-Items we can't pack until we're on our way out the door: phone, camera, iPad/iPod, water)
 And so concludes my nesting needs.  I actually feel like doing all of this right now, which is really a problem because it's already VERY late and I can't be falling asleep again during Hannah's spelling dictation.  Wait...I think I fall asleep during her dictation every day.  Poor girl.  No wonder she takes so long to get through her list!  ;)

What do you usually do to get ready for a new baby?


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