Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jacob Becomes Israel Toddler Bible Lesson

Welcome to Bible Basics!  I'm glad you stopped by.  If you're wondering what we're up to in this ongoing series, check out this introductory post.  For a growing list of toddler Bible lessons you can take a look at the Bible Basics page.

Last week we left off with our second lesson on Jacob.  Before we move ahead to Joseph, I wanted to be sure that Abby learned that God changed Jacob’s name to Israel.  So, we threw together this super simple lesson and she had a great time!

Genesis 35:1-15

Memory Verse:

“God said to [Jacob], ‘Your name is Jacob, but you will no longer be called Jacob.  Your name will be Israel.’”  -Genesis 35:10

Lesson Focus
Jacob was named Israel.

Israel Artwork

- Construction paper
- Marker
- School glue
- Dry beans, pasta, cereal, or other material of your choice

1. Write the word “Israel” on the sheet of construction paper.

2. Help your child trace over the letters with school glue.

3. Place dry beans (or other material) in the glue until the entire word is covered.

4. Allow to dry.

How We Go Through the Lesson
1. Recite or sing memory verse.

2. Read Bible story.  We use the Beginner's Bible, but you can choose a children's story Bible or "grown-up" translation that suits you and your family.

3. Recite or sing memory verse.

4. Craft or project.  Depending on the day of the week this may be a project like the one above or it could be a coloring page or something completely different.

*Repeat the lesson almost every day.  This could mean doing it on weekdays or taking one day to work on the project, saying the memory verse together throughout the day, and reading the Bible story before bed each night.  It doesn't matter when or how, but the repetition is key for toddlers to retain the lessons presented to them.

Here are some more project ideas for this lesson:
1. Do-A-Dot Name Artwork – Grab some dot markers and help your child write “Israel” with them.  If you’re feeling thrifty, check out thistutorial about how to make your own dot-dabber markers. 

2. List of simple preschoolactivities for learning names – These can be easily adapted to use in this lesson by simply using the name Israel instead of the child’s name (which is suggested).

What simple Bible crafts have you done with your child recently?

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