Thursday, May 16, 2013

Good Morning! (Updated to include photos)

We're not really morning people around here.  Well...Claude has to be a morning person (he gets up in time to leave for work between 6:00am and 6:30am).  The rest of us have been sleeping in lately...a lot!

So, yesterday morning and this morning I woke up an hour or more earlier than usual and thought to myself, "Maybe I'll get up and get some things done while the house is nice and quiet."

Yesterday that ended in me falling back asleep and waking up at the normal time.  But this morning I actually got out of bed, and what did the kids do?  (All you parents out there can probably guess!)  Yes, they woke up, too!  :) maybe not all of them!

They haven't found me yet.  I heard Abby say, "Where is she?"  To which Hannah replied, "I don't know but she's not in there."

Even though I don't have the morning to get things done (like exercise or start another sewing project), I have the opportunity to listen to the kids wake up.  So far I've heard the girls talk to each other in their groggy morning voices, sing "Amazing Grace", and discuss the best way to entertain Jeremiah when they can't take him out of his play yard.

So, the "productive" morning is just like any other morning, except that I'm the first one dressed.  That's an improvement on our usual situation!  :)

So, are you successful at waking up long before the kiddos?



  1. Nope. They know. Every. Single. Time!!! I've been known to wake up at least 1-2 hours earlier than what their normal time is, to have some time with the Bible, and lo and behold, they somehow know. Ah well, I guess that means we should all just sleep in, right?!?

  2. Joshua has actually started sleeping through things in the morning. Maybe the kids just need to be older for them to lose their Mom's Awake Sense. :) I'm more of a night owl anyway, so I've started doing my Bible reading once everyone else is in bed. It actually works out pretty well, but then again my expectations have changed considerably over the last few years. I don't mind being realistic and only spending about 10-15 minutes reading. I also don't do any journaling like I did at one point. And I'm getting used to the fact that I might have a 2-year-old and a 9-month-old next to me...even if it is late at night. :)

  3. I"m definitely a morning person, so early risers are OK for me. But, there sure are days when I wish I could either get up earlier, or sleep in later (more of going to be early and sleeping in lately)... Glad that you give yourself that time. I remember reading somewhere that when we don't get the quiet time of prayer and meditation we want, and when we get angry about it (I've fallen prey to that), that we have to stop and think, just who are we getting angry at? I thought that was great advice, and I've taken it to heart, I read when I can, and just enjoy my little blessings. Usually my reading turns into their reading too...