Thursday, May 16, 2013

Energy Abounds

You know that time of day...those couple of hours in the late afternoon and early evening when your kids are in turbo mode and you're about to fall asleep on your feet?  Yep.  This is the dreaded time of day.  Infants like to cry.  Toddlers like to throw tantrums and have meltdowns.  And preschoolers and young school-age children like to run around and make as much noise as they possibly can - and let me tell you, they can make A LOT of noise!

For anyone who is not usually around small children between 4pm and 6pm, or for other parents of littles who hope they're not alone in the crazy hour of the day, here is a little glimpse into the amount of energy that an average kid has at his disposal.

Please note that the kids danced like this and sang loudly for nearly 15 minutes without a break.  They made me tired just watching them!  (And no, that's not just something aging adults's actually true!)

Also note, the kiddos sang another Chris Tomlin song with just as much exuberance as their dancing suggests while walking the aisles of Sam's Club.  No, they didn't care that heads were turning.  I'm not sure what was more surprising to onlookers - the sheer volume of three kids belting out their favorite song or the fact that their favorite song's lyrics go like this "Lay me down I'm not my own, I belong to You alone.  Lay me down.  Lay me down.  Oh-oh-oh.  Hand on my heart this is much is true, there's no life apart from You.  Lay me down.  Lay me down."  (Obviously credit goes to Chris Tomlin and his crew for the lyrics...we had nothing to do with those). abounds in these here parts.  If you're out of energy, maybe you could find some way to zap a bit from the little guys?  Maybe???  Come on over around 4pm tomorrow...we'll have energy galore!

How do your kids like to channel their excess energy?



  1. haha! At least they are burning off their energy by themselves. Your kids are so adorable.

    1. Yes, I was glad to see a productive way of letting it all out! It's not always like that... ;)