Saturday, May 25, 2013

Friday Funnies: Jeremiah, Mighty Man or Puppet?

A dinnertime conversation.

Joshua:  I know all of David's mighty men, but my son has more mighty men than David anyway.  My son has 20-hundred-5-thousand-1-hundred-20-thousand mighty men.
Claude:  Well, that's nice, but have you read about David's mighty men?
Joshua:  No, I'll never read about that.  You can just take it out of my Bible.
[Ummmm....very concerned parents here!!!]
Claude, staying calm:  Well, I think you should read it.  I'm pretty sure you would really like it.
Joshua, not wanting to admit that his parents could choose reading material that might satiate his appetite for excitement:  I'll never like it.  Anyway...I know there were three might men.  One of them was Jeremiah.
Me:  No, Jeremiah was a prophet.
Joshua, getting back to his dinner...or at least trying to so that he doesn't show how much his interest is piqued:  Well, that's okay.
[Momentary silence...okay, so it's NEVER silent around here but it got as quiet as it ever will.  Think baby jabbering, 4-year-old rambling about loose teeth, 2-year-old humming random songs, and 5-year-old grunting while he tries to cover up his intense curiosity about David's mighty you've got the idea of what I call "silence".]
Abby, out of the blue:  Yeah.  Jeremiah is a puppet.

Jeremiah: Mighty Man or Puppet?  He's cute either way!  :)

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