Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Funnies: On Life and Death

As I'm writing this post the kids have marched through the kitchen and living room about 5 times, shouting and yelling.  It seems that they have watched the walls of Jericho come down in the process.  They have also built elaborate guns from math manipulatives, which they have used to wage war on each other.  Thankfully no one was hurt or offended before they moved on to another activity.  And now they are playing a tuba (really it's a kitchen sink...literally...from the toy kitchen), a saxophone (known to most grown ups as a green plastic penny whistle), and a snare drum (an empty container and some screw drivers) while marching around the house.  Yep...just another morning for the Chew Crew.

Anyway...on to the real post.  :)

The kids are really interested in life and death recently. Part of this expresses itself in identifying any and all objects around them and asking the question, "Is that living?" My favorite questions of this sort come from Abby (2 1/2 years old), who is always very serious about the topic. "Mommy, is a straw living?" :)

The other part of this fascination with life and death comes out in conversations that happen at least once a day and almost always sound the same. Initiated by Joshua, this topic has taken on some interesting ideas...

Joshua: Do you know what the worst thing about living is?
Me: No, I don't know.
Joshua: Dying.
Me: Okay, I can see that.
Joshua: And do you know what the best thing about living is?
Hannah: Living.
Joshua: Yes, that's right. And what is the best, best thing about living?
Hannah: Heaven!
Joshua: Yes. You got it right. And what is the best, best, best thing about living?
Hannah, ponders the question.
Joshua, approaches Hannah and whispers in her ear: You have to say either Roman Army or Soldier.
Hannah, very loudly in protest: But I said heaven is the best, best thing about living!
Joshua: But I asked about the best, best, best thing about living.  I'm sorry, you got it wrong.

And one last insight from the 6 and under crew concerning life and death.

Joshua: If you die on the day you are born that means you've been dead your whole life.
Me, being a good mother and wanting to instruct my children in what is true and right: Ummm...okay...I'll just take out the trash now...

Maybe it's just my tired brain, but I couldn't quite get my head around that statement enough to bring greater clarity.  And perhaps he's right???

What interesting ideas do the little guys in your life have about big topics like life and death?

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  1. Lili: "I really want to Skype with PaPa in Heaven". Me: "It doesn't work that way, sweetie, we can't Skype with PaPa anymore". Lili: "But I want to talk to PaPa." Me: "You can talk to Jesus and Jesus will talk to PaPa for you." Lili: "OK, that sounds good"- then she started praying...