Thursday, February 21, 2013

Potty Training and "Pribacy"

Abby (2 1/2 years old) has started potty training...kind of.  I'm not fully on the bandwagon yet, but I need to hurry up before this train takes off without me!

Today I couldn't find Abby in her room during rest time.  I called out to her and heard a little voice shouting back to me from the master bathroom.  "I'm in the potty, Mommy, because I had to go potty because I had to."

This is the third time this week she has gone to the bathroom, taken off her pants and diaper, and sat down on the toilet.  Her favorite thing to do is tear off pieces of toilet paper and stuff them in between her legs.  But my favorite part is hearing her say to me, "I need 'pribacy' because I really do need 'pribacy'."

I'll give her (almost) all of the privacy she needs, but I will take the toilet paper roll with me as I exit the bathroom.  :)

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