Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Celebrations: Valentine's Day and the 100th Day of School

We've been celebrating around the Chew house.  Last week we celebrated Valentine's Day as a family.  Keeping it simple, we prepared a special breakfast, decorated the table (with help from the kids), and wrote each other notes to say how much we love one another.

And today we celebrated our 100th Day of School.  That's right...we've made it through the first 100 days of homeschooling.  We had fun with some friends counting fingers and toes, snack mix, stickers, reading 100 words, and even spinning 100 times.  And to make it extra special, Claude took the morning off and was able to join us for the festivities.

The only disappointment was when Joshua said excitedly, "Do we have school tomorrow???"  I replied, "Yes, we do."  To which he answered, "But now we're all done with school because we finished 100 days."  It is a milestone, especially for a kindergartener, but I have a feeling the next 12+ years could be pretty painful if he thinks it's over so soon!  :)

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