Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Funnies: Joshua

Here are some oldies but goodies from our oldest, Joshua.  Enjoy!

Joshua, in his drill sargeant voice, says to Hannah and Abby, "Did Jesus die on the cross for our sins?!"
"Did Jesus come back to life?!"
"You WILL BE so happy that Jesus died for your sins!"
Singing: "Come and praise Jesus all you little children.  Come, Abby and Hannah [marching into the other room] follow Jesus as the caboose!  Praise Him all you little children!"

Hannah touches the cables on Joshua's suspension bridge, so Joshua says, "No, no!  You disobeyed.  Now you must go to jail!"
And I thought Claude and I were tough!

Our son, Joshua, is planning to make a cross from giant craft sticks so that he can, very literally, take up his cross and follow Jesus.  Kids certainly are concrete, aren't they?

On Perseverance
"But Mommy, I'm sick from persevering!"
It does feel that way sometimes, doesn't it?

Hannah says, "Joshua, you're smelly!  Get off!  You're smelly!"
To which Joshua replies, "Quench not the Spirit, Hannah.  Quench not the Spirit!"

 So, what funny things have happened in your house this week?

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