Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What Happens While I'm Blogging

I like to think that I'm in control of things around this house.  I like to keep things in order and I don't like it when unexpected "messes" happen.  This morning, however, I have been faced with yet another opportunity to practice love, joy, peace, and patience in the parenting journey.

This morning I was slow to get out of bed when my kids were quick to do the same, and I've also been attempting to write a blog post.  The combination of these things meant that the kids served themselves breakfast (thankfully, they have experience getting breakfast ready and did not leave the floor covered in cereal) and are now working hard on a "project".

Here's a look at what happens while I'm writing (or attempting to write):

Yes, that's right, folks.  Under Joshua's fearless leadership, the kids are making a mess practicing their fine motor skills by very carefully cutting out scraps of construction paper.

I'm glad for the creativity.  I'm glad for their communal effort and teamwork.  I'm glad that they are having good attitudes.  And I'm glad that they are practicing some fine motor skills.  But can I be really honest, here?  This stresses me out!!!

It's just a big mess of paper!  Oh...and a pile of books and school supplies that are now out of place.  At least that's how I saw it at first, but upon further inspection I have come to find out that the pile of paper is really a tomb.  Yep...the kids are teaching their own hands-on Bible lesson, because of course this tomb is from the story of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.  They are even cutting out crosses to go along with it...and that is taking care of Abby's toddler school lesson about shapes.  Even as I type, Joshua has shown me the angel, cross, and tomb he drew and cut out to use as props for his Bible lesson to Hannah and Abby.  They are now assembling in Joshua's bedroom to sit under his teaching about Jesus' death and resurrection.  Maybe it's not just a big mess after all!

Normally I would just react to a situation like this.  And the reaction would be far from pretty.  Today I'm thankful to have taken a step back, learned the kids' true intentions, and taken time to decide how and with what attitude I will respond.  I may, however, leave blogging for nap/rest time from now on, especially since I just overheard the following from the bedroom, "Abby, hold still so I can cut your pony tail!"  Ummm...apparently lots of practice in a patient response is needed today!!!

What messes projects have your kids initiated this week?  How did you respond?

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