Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Funnies - First Installment

Welcome to Friday Funnies, where I post some of those funny things said/done by the kids throughout the week.  This week I only bothered to get the pencil and paper out (a new concept for me) mid-week.  Here's what I heard and saw.  Hope you enjoy!

All three kids at some point or another during the week were singing,
"Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream.
Merry, merry, merry, merry life is quite a dream."

During Bible reading, Hannah leans over to Claude, looks intently at his face, and then declares, "Daddy, there's hair growing out of your nose. [pause] And look! There's boogers growing out of my nose!"

A conversation:
Me: Abby, did you go poo-poo?
Abby: Yep.  And I'm hiding my legs in my poo-poo.
Me: Really?
Abby: Yeah.  Sometimes I just do dat.

A very honest observation from Hannah: I like to call Joshua "Boshua" because he likes to boss me around.  [laughs]
And then later we overheard her singing the following: Good night my Boss Man, good night my love.  [giggles]  Sleep tight my Boss Man, sleep tight my love.  [more giggles]

Abby: Dat's my bike helmet to keep my head safed so it doesn't fall off.

Hannah: Mmmm!  Wet Cheerios!  [bends down and picks up Cheerios from floor, puts in mouth, smiles]

Claude and I were trying to figure out some challenges in Jeremiah's feeding.  Jeremiah is nursing, so some of the conversation had to do with me - his primary source of food.
Claude, to me: Maybe you're body is just changing.
Joshua, to me: Mommy, when you're body changes that means you're getting old.
Thanks, buddy!

Joshua: Hey, I have an idea.  How 'bout after I finish my chili I could have some...ICE CREAM!  [laughs]

Joshua: How come there are no steam trains?  Are they extinct?

Joshua doesn't like being left alone at the kitchen table, so this morning when he found himself alone he called out to Hannah, "Hannah!  COME BACK HERE!!!"
Hannah, being as gracious as she is quickly stood up and said, "Oh, I'd better go out there.  He needs me."

And, last but not least...
Abby is currently infatuated with tools.  This may be inspired in part by Joshua receiving a tool bench with some pretty cool battery operated tools for Christmas.  Since he has new ones, Abby has inherited the old tools.  However, she doesn't have enough hands to carry around a drill, hammer, screwdriver, and saw, and neither does she have a tool belt.  So, she does what any sensible girl without a tool belt (or pockets, for that matter) would do - she stuffs them down her pants.

So, what funny things have your kids said or done this week?

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