Monday, September 29, 2014


I found these couple of notes around the house this week.  I will type them as they were written by their original authors.

From Joshua

Joshua M.E.C. 7 Huntleigh Way 13000
77478 [insert Claude's and my email passwords here] 13106 IS-SI-AH-77
Black Bird Sugar Land Texas
[insert Claude's cell phone number here] Fair Banks Alaska,
International Military Air Base
BJM 4621 Alaska

From Abby

In her own handwriting:
And then she asked me to copy the following from a library book.  She crossed out certain words.
During World War II (1939-1945), the Nazi Party ruled GermanyAdolf Hitler was the Nazi leader.  He wanted control of Germany and much of the world.
The weather can change quickly in Germany.

How Joshua knows our email passwords we have yet to find out.  But if he can figure out our passwords by seeing us type them (we don't say them out loud and the only place where they are written down is in a location to which he has no access), I'm guessing he's not far from typing in our iPad pass code or computer password, logging into our email, and reading all of our junk mail.

As for Abby...well, don't all 4-year-olds read about Nazi Germany?


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