Friday, October 3, 2014

Houston, We Have a Walker!

Rachel has been working on this for 5-6 weeks now.  She spent the first couple of weeks fussy and frustrated because she couldn't take more than a few steps before toppling over.  Now she has found her walking legs and there is no turning back!

This video is from last week and her progress since then has been astounding.  She now prefers walking over crawling and can traverse the entire house without a fall.  Time to start running soon!

Walking by the Numbers

Joshua - 13 months.  Just in time for little sister's arrival.
Hannah - 12 months.  On her birthday she walked across a grassy hill and also said her first word that day - "pop".
Abigail - 10 months - I think???  She could easily walk up and down the street by the time her first birthday rolled around.
Jeremiah - 11-12 months.  Like much of what he does, this skill came without much fuss.
Rachel - 10-11 months.  Perhaps the most determined of all.  She has places to go and people to see!

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