Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday School

Claude and I are teaching the preschool Sunday School class this term.  It's been fun getting to know the children that come on a regular basis, and especially entertaining to hear what they choose to divulge during our hour-long class period.

Here are some snippets from yesterday...

Child A to Child B: My mom's birthday is soon.  She'll be 31.
Child B: Well, my mom is already 32!
Child C: Yeah, my mom is like 50 or something!

Rachel joined us for the class and got some attention from the girls.  When she started crying here is what one child had to say about her:
"She's loud, but my brother is louder.  He cries so loud that the whole neighborhood can hear him!"

Child A: My brother is from Colorado.
Child B: Well, I'm from New York.
Child C: I think I'm from England.
Teacher: Really, are you sure you're from England?
Child C: Yes, I'm pretty sure.
Teacher: Hmmm...I think I've heard the story of when you were born and I think you were born around here.
Child C, no insistent: No.  I'm from England.

Child A to Teacher: My mom can't even read.
Teacher: Really?  Are you sure about that?
Child A: Yeah.  She can't read at all.  Whenever she writes something my dad has to tell her how to spell the words.
Teacher: Well, spelling is a bit different than reading.

Child D talking to Claude: What's that black thing in your nose?
Claude: That is a nose hair.
Child D: Oh...
Claude: You probably have nose hairs in your nose, too.  You just can't see them.
Child D, after a moment of contemplation: No.  I only have boogers in my nose!

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