Saturday, March 8, 2014

Crazy Days

We've made it through a rough couple of weeks.  Somewhere along the line our system (schedule, school, chores, etc) stopped working.  Aspects of it were fine, but much of it had unravelled leaving me feeling stressed like I was the only barista making hundreds of drinks for fussy, demanding customers who were running late for the train.  And the stress didn't stop after the morning rush.  It lasted all day long.

With some prayer, practical insight, and schedule tweaking I think we've worked our way into something that will accommadate our family in this new stage of life.

I have several thoughts about the process.  I'm in the midst of learning a great balancing act: proactively managing what goes on in the household while letting go of the desire to control exactly how things happen and when.

It's tough.

As I've been evaluating what is happening with the kids (or not happening, as the case may be), several areas of weakness have made themselves known.  Much of what needs improvement revolves around character and behavior training for the kids (and me, too!).

But I've also become aware of areas of strength.  As Joshua finished up a batch of pizza dough which he made entirely on his own, and the girls went above and beyond their assigned Friday chores to clean cabinets, doors, and tables, I realized that although the past few weeks have been stressful to the point of being in tears, we have really come a long way from just a year ago.

Those successes, combined with some encouragement from other parents who have made it through the little years with lots of littles, leave me feeling hopeful that these crazy days are really just a stage.  A stage that I am starting to truly enjoy, despite the challenges and intense demands on mine and Claude's time and attention.

And just before I finish, here is a juxtaposition (wow...that word makes me feel like I'm back in Dr. Demars' music theory class...) of strength and weakness.

At 3 1/2 she may not be fully potty trained, but she is certainly learning some geography!

To view the video please use the password: 2005ChewCrew

Abby recites countries and capitals of South America from Chew Crew on Vimeo.

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