Friday, February 13, 2015

The Cold That Kicked Me To The Curb

By God's amazing grace, I managed to miss out on all four rounds of the Great Stomach Virus of 2014-2015.  Managing morning sickness was pretty much enough for that stage of things, and I was so glad to not add other unpleasantries to the mix.

Been there.  Done that at least twice.  Not fun.  In fact, it's kind of like a cruel joke.

"So, you have morning sickness, do you?" asks the stomach virus.  "Well then, take this!"  And before you know it you are out for the count.

Aside from the Great Sickness, the kids have been sick with colds all winter.  Jeremiah and Rachel seem to get one every other week.  I'm pretty sure this comes from their time in the nursery with other wee ones who are getting colds on the weeks our kids are healthy.  They meet up on Sunday morning, swap some germs, and say "See 'ya later" until the next week, when they trade colds.

The Lord has spared me from these colds.  And I have been very grateful.

This past week, however, I finally succumbed to the milieu of germs that is our household.  Even while pumping my body with vitamin C, I still couldn't manage to keep this one at bay.  It hit like a ton of bricks on Friday night and I have been wiped out ever since.  Ugh.

Claude put it best when he said, "This one has been carefully selected by the kids."

Yes, it has.  After all the rounds of colds, the Little Crew has filtered out the weaker viruses and only the hardiest has survived.  Now this virus is kicking me to the curb...and boy is it hard to get back up!

Rachel and Jeremiah are sharing in the joys of the current illness.  They seem to take it better than I.  I've grown to be quite wussy in my old age.

Anyway...this is about as good as I have felt this week.

Obviuosly Rachel is not her usual self, either.  Or is she?

She really has been frowning since just moments after birth.  She has now had 15 months to perfect the frown, though.  She's getting better all the time!

In all seriousness, this is a terrible, no good, very bad cold.  Poor Rachel and Jeremiah.  I feel your pain.  But have no fear.  We shall prevail over this villainous virus.  Until the next time you go to nursery...

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