Saturday, February 7, 2015

Movies and Missing Egg Rolls

Over Christmas we took a 5,000 mile round-trip adventure to see my parents in Montana.  It was fun.  It was exciting.  It was adventurous.  And it was abounding in throw up.

Part of what made this such a fun trip was that we managed to surprise my mom with our little journey.  My dad played the role of accomplice, which meant no surprises for him.

Or did it?

What no one else knew was that aside from making a last minute 36 hour trip, we still had one more suprise up our sleeve.

The kids insisted that they could keep this secret until Christmas morning, when my parents would open a homemade movie as a gift.  And they did an awesome job!

Maybe they were just having too much fun sledding and vomiting to think about it, but they were put to the test on Christmas Eve when my dad sat down with Joshua and Hannah to look through the photos on our camera.  The above photo, which we used on the cover of the DVD gift, was on the memory card.  He asked them what they were looking at and why they took the picture.  They sat quietly, said, "The box was empty," and left it at that.

I was amazed!  Apparently they are good at keeping surprises a secret until just the right time.

Anyway...on Christmas morning, amidst the near chaos of our entire family opening gifts, we were able to share the Chew Crew's very first motion picture making endeavor.  We had fun with this project, and the kids are already talking about making more in the future, so stay tuned!

Until then, we'd like to share with you, "The Mystery of the Missing Egg Rolls".  To view our short (really, it's less than 2 minutes) film, click through to Vimeo and use 2005ChewCrew.

Mystery of the Missing Egg Rolls from Chew Crew on Vimeo.


  1. Congratulations!! So excited for you guys and I cannot wait to meet the newest addition to the Chew Crew!!

    1. Thanks, KC! We are excited! :) The kids all think it should be a boy. Hopefully we won't have any tears if we find out Chew Crew 6 will be putting the girls in a decisive lead in terms of numbers. ;)

  2. Was just catching up on your blog and saw the video! Congratulations!!! What a fun Christmas gift! We also found out shortly before Christmas that we are expecting baby #3 at the end of July or beginning of August. We are grateful for God's blessing...though at times I get a little overwhelmed when I think of having three kids age 2 and under! Your blog and real-life mothering is such an inspiration!

    1. Congratulations!!! :) I know very well that feeling of being overwhelmed. For today, you get to be mom to two little ones. God will give you the grace and strength for the bigger task of parenting three when the time comes. At least this is how I try to encourage myself. I may not know how to do it with more, but He is giving me wisdom to do today the work set before me...even if it is hard and messy and we just barely make it to bed time. ;) I'm excited for you guys!