Friday, June 6, 2014

Snapshots: Teeth, Mobility, and Giant Pots

Joshua lost two teeth this week.

This photo was taken after the first one came out.  For some reason his teeth have been spreading out leaving a huge gap around this one tooth.  By the end of the week the gap on the right was just as wide as that on the left which made him look like he had one single tooth right in the middle of his mouth.  I called it the snaggle tooth and it had quite an effect paired with some growling and hissing.

He wouldn't let us take a picture after the second tooth came out tonight.  According to Joshua, smiling is painful and he wishes not to do it unless absolutely necessary (or we catch him off guard).

While one is losing teeth, another is gaining them.  Jeremiah has had a mere six teeth for several months - really, I think it's been close to one year.  Recently his two year molars came in, but he had big gaps in between the front teeth and the molars.  Until this week.  I've counted at least four teeth that have come through in the last few days.

And while we're on the subject of milestones I must not forget Rachel.  She started crawling this week!  And she is quite happy about the new found freedom.  I do, however, suspect that she does not like the new predicaments in which she finds herself - this evening she was stuck under the high chair and couldn't figure out how to get out.

We go on a family "hike" every Saturday morning.  There really aren't places to hike in this part of Texas.  Except for a local park that has some man-made hills.  To the kids these hills are the biggest hills they have ever seen.  In an area where elevation gain is non-existent I can see why they are so thrilled by them.

Anyway...while running up down their favorite hills and picking wildflowers a couple weekends ago we tried to snap a quick Chew Crew photo.  No one ever looks at the camera at the same time, so this is as good as it'll get.  Oh, was stress-free and tear-free, so I consider that a success!

I asked Claude to pick up a big stock pot on his trip to Sam's Club this evening.  I was thinking something modest but bigger than our current biggest pot, which is no longer large enough for some things.  He came home with this:

Soup anyone???


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