Friday, April 4, 2014

Snapshots: Bikes, Books, and Black Eyes

The days have been abounding with activity around here.  The kids are outgrowing their shoes, their clothes, and their routines.  Claude and I are just trying to keep up!

 Recently Joshua learned to ride his bike without training wheels.

So, with some beautiful weather we decided to throw the bikes on the bike rack and head out to the park.  Everyone had a great time and declared it the "most funnest day ever".  :)

Abby rode Hannah's bike 1 mile around the lake.  She fell half a dozen times, but each time got right back up and kept on going.  She's got some stamina, that girl!

The backyard is the kids' new favorite play area now that the rain has subsided and our giant puddles have dried up.  This week they have been Asian nomads who stir-fry leaves and twigs and ride dromedary camels.

On the nomad theme...
Last week I overheard a disagreement in the backyard.  Someone (probably Joshua) took something (her tricycle?) from Abby.  She was upset, to say the least.  Through her tears she shouted, "You don't care about me!  You think I'm just a wandering nomad!"

This was before all of the nomad play.  I was quite surprised that a 3-year-old even knew the word nomad, let along the definition!

When they aren't nomads, I can usually find them lounging in their camping chairs reading a good book.  The Little House on the Prairie books are their current fascination.  Even Rachel likes to read eat them!

In the last two days, both Abby and Jeremiah have given themselves black eyes.  At their worst, both were worse than these pictures.  Abby's is fresh from last night, so she's looking pretty beat up this morning.  Jer's is nearly healed.

Of course, there is a lot more going on than riding bikes, reading books, and acquiring black eye.

Joshua and Hannah are wrapping up their second year of homeschooling.  As they finish each subject their workload decreases and their motivation skyrockets.  We have some changes for next year (which really starts in June or July) that I hope to share on here...if time permits!

Abby is learning to read.  She's a few steps away, but is spelling some basic words.  At this very moment she is saying, "How do you spell your name? A-B-B-Y!  A-B-B-Y!"

Jeremiah is talking up a storm.  Mostly, "No! Don't!"  But he also says color, poop in there, I want, more, water, car, truck, and probably 100+ other words that we don't fully understand.

And Rachel is flying through her infancy...okay, so not literally flying.  But she is rolling over , starting to sleep long stretches at night, and chewing anything she can get in her mouth.  This week we have been waiting for her to poop.  I know...TMI here...  But it's been 5 days.  I'm a little scared of how extensive the mess will be.  Earlier this week I was joking that she'll wait until we are at the park on Friday afternoon.  She likes to have blow-outs when we're out.  It's Friday morning and there are no signs of a poop.  So, I'm armed and ready for the worst later today...

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