Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Family Hike Adventures

This is a few weeks old, but while our Sunday afternoon fallout occurs I will pretend that life is always as nice as our recent day trip to the beach.  ;)

Our Saturday family hike took us to Galveston Island State Park this past weekend.

We started by walking along one of the trails on the bay side of the park.

Then we grilled some hot dogs for lunch.

After a 30 minute bathroom/diaper break, we headed over to the beach.

Everyone loved the water except for Jeremiah.  He was quite happy to stay in Claude's arms while the other kids got good and wet.  Of course, we didn't bring the swimsuits because we assumed the Crew would be content digging in the sand.  We did bring along dry clothes and towels, so we weren't wholly unprepared.

As rough and gruff as he is - being a 6-year-old boy, and all - Joshua is quite the romantic.  During our walk and at the beach, he enthusiastically exclaimed, "How beautiful the Gulf of Mexico is!"  Along with crossing the Mississippi River, seeing the Gulf of Mexico tops off Joshua's list of most exciting places to visit.

Out of all the Crew, Abby's reaction to the beach was the most contagious.  She was so incredibly excited that each time the waves rolled up to her feet she took off running and laughing up the beach.  She was truly delighted and even had some other beach-goers laughing with her.

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