Monday, February 17, 2014


The girls are going to sleep.  At least they are supposed to be going to sleep.  Usually Abby goes to bed first and then Hannah will head to her bed once she is asleep.  Tonight, because of some changes in bedtime, they are both together in their room.  And they are very much awake.

They are singing (very loudly) songs like Amazing Grace, How I Love Jesus, and Joy to the World.

They are also having some theological discussions.

Here is what I just overheard as I walked down the hallway to remind them that they really should be quiet.

Hannah, who had been singing: Abby, get down from the ladder!
Abby: But I want to tell you something.
Hannah, continuing to sing: I once was lost!
Abby: Stop singing!
Hannah, still singing: But now I'm found!
Abby: I want to tell you something, Hannah.
Hannah: Okay.  What is it?
Abby: Jesus is the "sauce".
Hannah: No, He's not.  He's the source, not the sauce.
Abby: That's what I said.  He is the "sauce".
Hannah: No, He isn't, Abby!
Abby: Yes, He is.  Daddy told me.  He said that Jesus is the "sauce".
Hannah: Abby...He is the source not the sauce!
Abby: I know. I already said that.

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