Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Snapshots: May and Some of June

Things around here are winding down...or up...I can't really tell which way they're going.

The kids will finish up school this week.  Praise the Lord!  This mom is ready for a break!  I think the kids will enjoy some extra free time as well.

As we have relaxed our daily schedule quite a bit, the Crew has had plenty of time to perfect their paper airplane making abilities, have lots of water gun fights, and attempt to dig giant holes in the front yard.

Naturally, we also have many appearances of soldiers (from both the past and the present), pioneers, and various community servants.

During one of our many trips into town for doctor appointments, the kids and I took a quick side trip over the mountains.  Before moving to Virginia I had discovered a discount grocery store, but with our current location it has been impractical to make a trip there.  After some inspiration from another blog I just had to go.  We stocked up on a lot of pantry items and paid about half the price we would at Walmart.  I really can't wait to go back!  I changes when you're a mom to a handful of kiddos!

We have enjoyed several family hikes over the last few weeks.  A trip to Shenandoah National Park was especially exciting when we saw several deer within just a few yards of us.  One fawn even walked within an arm's length of Claude and the kids!

Claude's parents visited us a few weeks ago.  Too bad we ended up with a stomach virus while they were here!  Why these things happen, I have no idea.  But we all made it through...and then everyone came down with a cold the following week.  Gotta love living in close quarters with a bunch of kids.

Joshua, Hannah, and Abigail participated in the Awana program at our church this winter and spring.  It was an adjustment for us to get used to driving to and from church twice in a day, but so worth it!  They had a blast, memorized a lot of scripture, and have been encouraged in their walk with the Lord.  They had a big party, store to spend their Awana Bucks, and their last awards ceremony last month.  They can't wait to start in the fall when Jeremiah gets to join them.

We have seen more and more wildlife in our yard this spring.  There is a rabbit that has been spotted several times in the morning and around dusk.  The kids spotted something black, larger than a squirrel, and smaller than a deer.  It could have been a shadow.  They are having fun dreaming up all of the different kinds of animals it could have been.

They found a turtle who lived in the front flower bed for a few days before taking off into the wild of the front yard.  And Joshua also spotted a deer bounding out toward the road during a thunder storm last week.

The weather is getting warmer.  I'm getting more and more pregnant, if that's possible.  And we're ramping up for the arrival of Chew Crew 6.  35 weeks and counting.

It could be soon.  It could be more than a month from now.  The suspense is always a bit too much for me.  But how much more exciting does life get?!

Well, it can always get more exciting when chocolate pudding is involved!

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