Saturday, November 1, 2014

Snapshots: The Big Move

There is much that I would love to write.  The past two weeks have been incredibly stressful, exciting, exhausting, and also bittersweet.  I feel like I am recovering from some major life-altering experience...wait a minute.  I am recovering from a major life-altering experience!  ;)

Anyway...I don't have the time at the moment to write all about how we packed a 20-foot truck, a minivan, and Big Red to drive 1,300 miles across the country with five children in tow.  There are things that we did that really worked.  And things that didn't.  There are thoughts about the endurance required in a move of this type and thoughts about leaving behind a group of loving friends.  And, as can be expected, the crazy stories of life with a handful of littles abound.

In place of writing I'll include some photos and (Lord willing) sometime in the near future before I die or Christ returns, there will be opportunity to write more.

Our first day driving.

Logging in driving hours while everyone was asleep.

Final day - driving through Central Virginia.

First family hike.  This trail is only 15 minutes from our house.  Amazing!

And for those who are particularly brave, here is a video from the last hour of the drive.


  1. Glad that you guys have made it to your new home! That is such a long drive. We had a long one from Colorado back to the Outer Banks of NC. But we only had 2 kids and I was 8 months pregnant so I cant compare to your crew :) Im sure things got very interesting for you guys at times.. I know we had our moments! Awesome to see how God has provided for you guys! He is so great!! and Since you are in VA we are neighbors now :)

    1. I think you have us beat on mileage from CO to NC. That is a long haul! :) we have been blown away by God's provision to us in these past few weeks. He is great indeed!