Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why are there Chopsticks in the Bathroom?

Yes, that is a picture of our toilet.  Yes, that is an unidentified floating object in our toilet.  And yes, I did use chopsticks to remove the aforementioned floating object from our toilet.  But have no fear, both the fluzzy floater and the chopsticks were safely the trash!

Oh, yeah...this is our first post, isn't it?  And it does have to do with the toilet.  I suppose all of my pondering about the first post has been in vain.  If you don't have kids yet, just consider this an introduction to life with small children.  And if you do have kids, I know you need no introductions from me.  Sometimes they put things in the toilet that should not be flushed - like pom-poms from last week's Sunday School craft...

So, what non-flushable items have you fished out of your toilet bowl lately?  And how did you get them out if the water was, shall we say, gross?  (Please note, the photos are black and white for a reason.)

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