Monday, May 6, 2013

Toddler Bible Lessons: Gideon

 Here's an oldie from our earliest days of homeschooling.  And not only the earliest days of homeschooling, but my first days of learning about the joys of teaching the Bible to babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Judges 6

Memory Verse
"The Lord our God is with us, He is mighty to save." -Zephaniah 3:17

Lesson Focus
God was with Gideon.

-Plastic water bottles, empty
-Paper, scrap or construction
-Crayons, markers, stickers (optional)
-Bible, I like the Beginner's Bible [link] since it's pretty accurate, concise, and engaging for young children

1. Optional: Decorate the paper with crayons, markers, and/or stickers.
2. Roll paper into a cone, leaving an opening at the smallest end.  Secure with tape.
3. Read the story of Gideon with your child.  Use the plastic bottle and paper trumpet to act out the part of Gideon's army blowing trumpets and smashing clay jars.
4. Have your child join you in re-enacting the story as you read it again.  If you have a young toddler, read just the end so they have the opportunity to re-enact the story before losing attention.
5. Talk about the lesson focus and say or sing the memory verse a few times.

I did this activity for the first time when Joshua was 2 years old and Hannah was almost 1 year old.  Joshua was able to memorize the story and the Bible verse by the end of the week since we repeated the lesson each day.  Hannah was entertained at best, but I know that the lesson was "going in".  :)

Following is the original post with photos and a video:
We're in our first official week of the Chew Family Preschool. So far so good! Today we learned about Gideon and the victory the Lord won for the Israelites with only 300 men, some torches, some trumpets, and some clay jars

What did we learn from this little lesson?
-Joshua learned that the Israelite army "smashed clay jars"
as he has told us repeatedly all afternoon
-Hannah learned that blowing a paper trumpet can be very funny
-I, Becca, learned that two water bottles and two rolled up pieces of paper go a long way

Here's our enactment of the battle plus a few photos. Enjoy!

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